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We only accept debit card payments.

Customers have the right to exchange items within 7 days of purchase.

This is only possible with a receipt and with the price tag still attached to the item,

because otherwise it can no longer be traced who contributed the item.


“Items” means the products offered for sale to SWEET/REPEAT,

such as children's clothing, children's shoes, children's books, toys, interior and accessories.

Items can be brought in during opening hours or by appointment.
For toys, please consult in advance by apping a photo (+31611233111) with the brand name.
If you contribute something for the first time, we will include you in our customer base


and agree to these terms and conditions.

Items not selected will be donated by SWEET/REPEAT to charity,

unless you have indicated on the input form that you want to collect the non-selected items.

In that case, the items can be picked up in the store within 2 weeks after you receive a message from us.

After these 2 weeks you renounce the items and they will be donated to a good cause by SWEET/REPEAT.

Bring in children's clothing
We only accept high-quality designer clothing in sizes 50 to 176.

- clean, fresh and ironed
- no signs of use (stains, holes, pills, names in labels, washed-out colours)
- zippers work and no buttons are missing
- preferably appropriate to the season
We do not accept fast fashion (such as H&M, Zara, Hema and Berschka).
If you want to bring in more than 20 pieces of clothing, please consult in advance.


Input wooden toys and children's books
We only accept high-quality wooden toys (top brands, no Ikea, Hema) and children's books.
Children's books are only accepted if they are not older than 3 years.
Items must look like new and contain no user traces (no name in books, no dog-ears,
toys are undamaged and complete, no discoloration).


Within 2 weeks, SWEET/REPEAT determines whether items offered for sale are offered in the store.
We determine the sales price and do so on the basis of a percentage of the original new price.
You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, containing the selected items (brand, size or title) and the intended purpose
amount/customer share you get when the item is sold.
It sometimes happens that SWEET/REPEAT changes the price in the meantime.
The items are in the store for an average of 6 weeks.


Items that are not sold will be donated by SWEET/REPEAT to charity,

unless you have indicated on the submission form that you wish to collect the unsold items.

In that case, the items can be shipped within 2 weeks after you receive a message from us.

be picked up at the store.

After these 2 weeks you renounce the items and they will still be used by SWEET/REPEAT

donated to charity.

Accumulated credit

When items are sold, 40% of the proceeds are for you, the VAT payment is for us.

After the trade-in period has expired, this amount will be added to your personal credit.
The credits can be spent in the store within 1 year or,

on request, transferred to your bank account.
After 1 year, outstanding credits to SWEET/REPEAT expire.


We take good care of your belongings, but SWEET/REPEAT cannot be held liable

for lost items, theft, fire and/or water damage.

SWEET/REPEAT may use photos of items for advertising purposes.
We store your name, address, telephone number, email address and possibly your bank account number


in our customer database under your personal customer number.

We do this to maintain contact with you about items brought in,

to keep you informed of new developments, to analyze, among other things, where our customers come from

and to be able to transfer your personal credit.

When you indicate not to bring in any more clothing, your customer data will be destroyed.

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